The Union Baptist Church of Swissvale opened up its food pantry in 1988. Our mission at the Food Pantry is to alleviate hunger in Swissvale and its neighboring communities.

We achieve this by sourcing food from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, distributing it to those in need, and advocating for food security.

We are committed to educating, empowering, and raising awareness within the community about the importance of nutrition and addressing hunger-related issues.



Our Staff & Volunteers

Staff: Donna McClendon (Food Pantry Coordinator)

In the picture:

Mrs. Dolly Richardson
Laverne Stotts (Food Pantry Assistant)
Sheila Wilkerson (Miles)
Donna Howard
Danel Payne
Shirlena Betsill
Agatha Balgrove
Pat Kelly
Pam Brown (Assistant)
Mrs. Bertha Pollard (Previous Coordinator)

Other volunteers (not in the picture):

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Lawrence
Royce Nesby
Nadine and Alex Spencer
Eileen Nesby
Mae Pinnick
Diane Hall
Troy Reed
Rodney Dean Smith
Tamara Bey
Karen Oliver
Gwendolyn Armbruster