Choose a way to give to St John XXIII Interfaith Food Pantry that works for you, and know that you are helping create happy, healthy and more stable lives. However you choose to offer support, you make a difference.

Donate Food

Supporters can donate items to our food pantry through various convenient methods. You can drop off non-perishable food, paper products, and personal care items at our food pantry location at a designated weekly time period. We also organize regular food drives through our interfaith church community during which you can contribute items at designated drop-off locations. Additionally, many supporters find it convenient to make online purchases and have items shipped directly to our pantry’s address.

Supporters can contribute items to our food pantry through various convenient methods:

1. Weekly Drop-off Location: We have designated drop-off location at our food pantry site where supporters can physically deliver their donations.

2. Food Drives: Our interfaith church community organizes monthly food drives to encourage supporters to donate items.

3. Monetary Donations: In addition to physical items, supporters can also make monetary donations, which allow us to purchase specific items in bulk or acquire perishable goods like fresh produce and dairy products to supplement our food offerings.

By providing these various avenues for support, we make it easy for our community to come together and help those in need. We greatly appreciate your generosity!

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